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Enhance team wellbeing and performance using our AI-powered Slack check-ins, intuitive dashboard, and actionable advice to drive continuous improvement and success.

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Manager alert and dashboard
  • Seamless Slack Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with Slack for a user-friendly experience, requiring no additional software, making it easy to adopt for managers and team members alike.

  • Automated Weekly Check-ins

    Enhance communication and collaboration with automated Slack check-ins, giving managers better visibility into team performance and morale.

  • Team and Individual Dashboards

    Help your team collaborate more effectively and individuals keep their priorities and goals top of mind with elegant dashboards and Slack digests.

  • Data-Driven Manager Dashboard

    Utilize our intuitive dashboard to track team trends, wellbeing, workload, and goal progress, helping you make informed decisions and address potential issues.

  • Alerts & AI-Generated Advice

    Receive real-time alerts on significant team changes and AI-generated suggestions to improve team dynamics, ensuring needs are met and unlocking their full potential.

  • Tailored Check-in Templates

    Customize check-in questions to better align with your team's specific goals, resulting in more targeted insights and actionable feedback.

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“Larsen has given everyone more visibility into how the team is feeling and what they are working on. It is how we do work now.

Alex Tombeur, Team Manager

“Thanks to Larsen, I’m able to see at a glance the most important priorities and challenges my team is facing, and can also see how people on my team are doing. Super helpful already and I’m just getting started using it!”

John Reinstra, Team Manager

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Experience measurable benefits

Larsen is designed to deliver tangible results, helping teams and managers enhance their work experience and productivity.

  • 9% more enjoyment at work

    Boost your team's morale and satisfaction at work, with users reporting an average 9% increase in enjoyment after 6 weeks of use

  • 13% boost in performance

    Unlock your team's full potential and see an average 13% increase in performance after implementing our solution for 6 weeks

  • 3 weekly manager hours saved

    Streamline team management and save an average of 3 hours per week, giving managers more time to focus on strategic initiatives & growth

How it works

With just a few steps, you'll have access to valuable insights and tools to improve your team's performance and wellbeing.

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    Integrate with Slack

    Sign up and effortlessly integrate our solution with your existing team's Slack channel for a seamless experience.

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    Automated Weekly Check-ins

    Team members receive and complete automated check-ins on Fridays, providing valuable information on their progress, workload, and wellbeing.

  • 3

    Review & Analyze

    Managers review check-ins on Monday and utilize the intuitive dashboard to gain insights into team performance, trends, and overall wellbeing.

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    Implement AI-Generated Advice

    Receive proactive alerts and AI-generated suggestions to continuously improve your team's productivity, satisfaction, and unlock their full potential.


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Our simple and transparent pricing structure allows you to focus on what matters most – unlocking your team's full potential. Gain access to all features and benefits that our solution offers, empowering your team to excel.
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